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Real-Time Big Data Analysis System

OmniX is a distributed, large data integration analysis engine.
It supports various fields and various types of data received and processed in real time, so that visualized data can be viewed immediately.
Depending on the environment, it can run from micro PC to large server and supports Private/Public cloud environment.
Receive hundreds or thousands of data per second right now and start analyzing in real time.

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About OmniX

Are you using a big data engine with a complex structure for data collection and analysis? OmniX takes just a minute from installation to execution.
Does it take a long time to process large amounts of data (about 10 billion records)? In OmniX, 1 second is enough.


OmniX is a solution that real-world Big Data Analysis engineers have used in the field to complement many of the areas where they have benefited and improved.

Dedicated queries, diverse analysis, fast search speed, scalability, resiliency, flexibility, easy operation, and many other features are essential for users in real-world business.

In addition, you can add functions that are appropriate to your situation by adding them as a plug-in format.

The Big Data solution
should be easy to use
and easy to operate.!

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OmniX Search speed

(123byte, 10 billion, i7-3770, 8G, sata HDD)
Text search
OmniX 1.68 sec
ElasticSearch 7.06 sec
IP search(IP)
OmniX 0.06 sec
ElasticSearch 7.00 sec
Time search
OmniX 0.02 sec
ElasticSearch 4.37 sec
Complex search(Text, Time, Ip)
OmniX 0.4 sec
ElasticSearch 8.31 sec

Information using Big Data is not difficult.
Do not worry, startright now!!

OmniX Services

Easy Search

Supports Full Text Search to reduce DB load and easily implement complex search function

Support for various languages

It supports standard RESTful APIs such as Java, Curl, C#, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, and Ruby, and all languages ​​that use Json.

Easy data collection

Supports TCP, UDP, TLS as standard, and supports standard protocols such as S7 / StepS7, ADS, and MODBUS and OPCUA as plugins.

Flexible processing

Numbers, text, location information, structured / unstructured data, etc. OmniX handles all types of data collected in various environments.

Infinite Scalability

From Micro PC to hundreds of servers, OmniX can run on any hardware. Hundreds of clusters or a single cluster all run the same.

Quick analysis

Analyze billions of data using non-relational databases. One second is enough to search TOP analysis and trend analysis.


Experience OmniX!

Compare with other E or S products, RDBMS or bigdata solution.

Application project

Recent Project List

Work 1
Jeju International Airport
Work 2
Hokkaido Photovoltaic Power Station (28M)
Work 3
LS Industrial Systems(SMART FACTORY)
Work 4
Gimpo International Airport
Public (airports, power stations, etc.)
Smart Factory
Integrated control

Customer response

Our Price

OmniX is divided into hardware version and software version.
Check the environment on site and select the appropriate product family.

Hardware Type

OmniX comes with optimized hardware in rack or tower type.

  • Starter

    $5,000 Include 1 year support
    • 2core
    • 8G Ram
    • 1000 Base-T x 2
    • non raid
    • Basic 1TB, max 2
    • 250W Single
  • Basic

    $20,000 Include 1 year support
    • 4core
    • 16G Ram
    • 1000 Base-T x 2
    • Support raid
    • Basic 2TB(1T x 2), Max 4
    • 400W Redundant
  • Premium

    $50,000 Include 1 year support
    • 4core
    • 32G Ram
    • 1000 Base-T x 4
    • Support raid
    • Basic 4TB(2T x 2), Max 4
    • 400W Redundant
  • Enterprise

    $100,000 Include 1 year support
    • 8core
    • 64G Ram
    • 1000 Base-T x 4
    • Support raid
    • Basic 8TB(2T x 4), Max 8
    • 740W Redundant


Software Type

OmniX software is provided, with the exception of hardware.
The engineer in charge of the purchase supports the installation.

  • Starter

    $3,000 Include 1 year support
    • Data processing capacity
    • 5,000mps
  • Basic

    $16,000 Include 1 year support
    • Data processing capacity
    • 15,000mps
  • Premium

    $30,000 Include 1 year support
    • Data processing capacity
    • 25,000mps
  • Enterprise

    $60,000 Include 1 year support
    • Data processing capacity
    • 50,000mps

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If you would like to purchase the product, please contact us through L & B System or your local reseller or OEM provider.

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